Accounting & tax consulting for small businesses

If your need one-off assistance or have an in-house team that could use some expert guidance, we're here to help. Consulting is performed on a simple hourly basis.

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Payroll setup and compliance

 Magic City CPA will help you setup modern payroll workflows & technology to make payroll less complicated and time consuming than it needs be.

Internal controls

Internal Controls are processes designed to help safeguard an organization and minimize risks to its objectives related to protecting assets, ensuring accuracy of financial reporting, adhering to company procedures, etc.

Magic City CPA will review your current control environment and propose actionable analysis to ensure controls are complete, accurate, and designed appropriately. 

Process mapping

Process Mapping can help business owners understand the current state of a process and identify potential bottlenecks or unnecessary steps.

Magic City CPA will conduct walkthroughs to illustrate the process within process maps and provide recommendations for improvement.

New business formation

New business formation will have an impact on establishing liability ownership, how taxes are paid, etc., and changing an entity structure after it has been established can be complicated and costly.

Magic City CPA will help you establish the most appropriate entity structure to suit your needs. 

More Services

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Bookkeeping and Controller Services

Comprehensive financial management for your business, from monthly transaction classification and tailored financial reporting to tax projections and personalized, on-call service.

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Tax Preparation

Magic City CPA provides assistance with 1099 reporting, annual business privilege and property tax filings and any IRS requests. If you want to seek a tax penalty relief due to a first time abate or administrative waiver or file an extension, we can assist you with it too.

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